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Laser Cutting

Grainge and Hodder provide laser cutting services to the modeller and the model trade.
We are always happy to help with design ideas, and are able to assist beginners with artwork production.

Bespoke Baseboards

If you wish to buy some of our baseboards but can't find one that quite fits your needs, we offer a bespoke service.

Just send us an email with your requirements and we will be happy to discuss with you a suitable solution. While the cost will depend greatly on the size and requirements of your board, typically a custom unit would be priced roughly in line with our standard units. Please bear in mind that custom orders take longer to design and manufacture than standard boards.

Laser Cutting Service

If you have a design of your own and can provide CAD (.dxf) drawings we also offer a Laser Cutting service. With our laser cutting facilities we are able to cut through, or engrave into, sheets of material normally Plywood, Card, Perspex or MDF. with an accuracy of .1mm with parts up to 2400mm x 1200mm.

Laser Time
The length of time it takes for the laser cutter to run your artwork determines it's cost. Using simple or small artworks reduces this cost, while using complex or very large artworks increases this time. Therefore it is advisable to make your artworks with time-to-cut in mind.

We keep in stock a variety of materials up to 9mm in Plywood and MDF, but we can cut many different materials, which can either be ordered in for you, or we can use your own material if suitable.

Producing Laser Cutting artwork is similar to Photo-Etching artwork but with some important differences, outlined in our guide.
Usually a CAD produced dxf file is submitted to us. We then convert this to the Laser software and set cutting depths as required for the material.

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